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Our Expertise

One company. Providing a 360 maintenance experience.

Design Build Projects

360 Mechanical is a complete solution service, offering end-to-end control for your project. By simultaneously designing and constructing your venture, we can complete the work efficiently as well as cost effectively. In addition, with our company guiding your project from inception to completion, 360 Mechanical eliminates all worries about construction setbacks and work delays.




360 Mechanical has the capacity to pinpoint the precise cause of your technical challenges. This enables us to offer you effective, timely solutions that are aimed at getting your company up and running as quickly as possible, minimizing potential delay and loss to your company.  


We know that every problem is different, which means that cookie cutter and off the rack solutions are generally not effective. That’s why at 360 Mechanical, our advanced troubleshooting methods ensure that you that we will provide you with unique, taylor-made solutions to resolve your problems. 

Energy Retrofits

Preventative Maintenance

Just as is the case with preventative medicine, in our industry an ounce of prevention is also worth a pound of cure. When maintenance concerns arise, the problems they cause and the solutions to resolve them can be frustrating, time consuming and expensive. 


That's why 360 Mechanical can save you time, money and aggravation by inspecting your facilities for issues before they become problems. Our quick, cost effective inspections allow your business to run at optimal conditions without being hindered by mechanical issues now and in the future. 

As a pioneer of thermography imaging in the contracting industry, 360 Mechanical's use of infrared imaging has proven to be a time saving, cost effective, troubleshooting solution. 


Because of its accuracy and proficiency in determining technical problems, thermography imaging has been and continues to be, a cornerstone of the services 360 Mechanical offers. 

Through the maintenance and preservation of buildings and mechanical structures, 360 Mechanical leads the industry in energy retrofitting. Our specialization in green retrofitting ensures that each facility maximizes its energy efficiency potential. Better still, retrofitting your facilities to optimize their energy efficiency is not just cost effective, but your company is benefitting our environment as well.  

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